UWatchFree – Best Site to Watch New Blockbusters, Bollywood Flicks and Movies in Hindi Online for Free

Since 2013, watching Hollywood flicks and Bollywood movies online for free has never been easier. This is when the website with its very fitting name – u watch free – was launched. With a huge selection of old and new films, as well as TV-series this site has become one of the most visited ones in India.

So why is it so popular? This is just one of many questions that we will answer in the following article. In this guide we’re taking a deep dive into the world of uwatchfree, telling you all about the experience, how to get started and if it’s legal for you to use the site or not.

Why You Should Choose Uwatchfree to Watch Hindi Movies Online


As an Indian resident looking for free online movies in Hindi there’s a ton of reasons to use uwatchfree, which includes the following:

  • No sign up or account is required – just visit the site and start watching for free
  • More than 1200 Bollywood movies and over 800 Hollywood flicks dubbed in Hindi
  • The site is very easy to navigate and there is a uwatchfree app for Android devices
  • Missing movies or TV-series can be requested to be added
  • There are no ads appearing while a movie is playing
  • Newly released films and series are regularly added
  • Streaming movies from u watch free is 100% legal
  • Any movie or TV-series can be easily downloaded
  • Fantastic video quality with HD and Blu-ray

Of course, uwatch free is not only home to plenty of Hindi translated movies and Bollywood flicks. Should you be fine with English, you have another 8000+ movies and TV-series to enjoy.

Are There Any Downsides to Uwatch free?

Not really. There are of course ads on the site that appear when you begin watching a movie, which is a little bit annoying. It’s not a big deal though. Also, any streaming site that offers movies for free has these so it’s quite expected. The site has to make money somehow. Just make sure to protect your device by having some kind of anti-malware software installed as you never know.

This Is How You Stream and Download Movies at Uwatchfree

stream moves from uwatchfree

Whether you want to stream uwatchfree movies or download them to your computer it is super simple. All you have to do is to follow the below steps:

Streaming Movies

  • Visit uwatcfree.tv (or any other address found here if this one doesn’t work)
  • Click on the Bollywood movie or other flick you would like to view
  • A stream should appear. Simply press on the play button.

Do note that you may have to press on the play button several times and that ads may open in a new window when doing so (just close these ads down).

You should also note that there may be a button above the stream that says “Watch in HD”. You should not click on this button as this will take you to another site which isn’t uwatch free. The stream is already in high quality so do not get fooled by this.

Downloading Movies

  • Visit uwatchfree.in (or any of these links should this address not work)
  • Pick the TV-series or movie you would like to download
  • Below the stream a button will say “Download *movie title*”
  • Click this button and a new webpage will open up
  • A timer will start ticking down – wait for it to finish
  • Now click a button that says “create download link”
  • A new webpage will once again open up in a new tab
  • This page has a button that says “click to download”
  • Click this button and the download will begin

Please note that you are likely to face several pop-up ads when going through this process and that you may have to click on all buttons several times to get to the download link.

Also note that after you have picked the movie you want to watch, you may find a button that says “download in HD”. This may appear over the video stream. Do not click this button as this will not take you to the download link you are looking for. Scroll down and you will find the correct button.

Having Trouble Streaming a Uwatchfreemovie? Read this!

uwatchfree help troubleshooting

While you aren’t likely to encounter any problems with the u watch free website, there are a couple of things that could happen with your stream. We have listed these below along with solutions.

Issue: There is no video stream appearing when I click on a movie or TV-series

Solution: It may be that the video hasn’t been embedded in the website. What you need to do is to click on the “click to play” links that you’ll find under the movie description. These are different servers from which the movie can be streamed (the movie will open in a new window).

Issue: The stream is lagging and constantly stopping

Solution: Your internet connection is probably too weak. There are several solutions to this depending on what the issue is. If you’re using Wi-Fi try plugging in an Ethernet cable instead. If you’re downloading things in the background, stop doing it. If this doesn’t help you may have to upgrade your internet connection. You want at least 5 mbps, though more is definitely better.

uwatchsfree alternatives

For whatever reason it may be, you may occasionally find that the uwatch free website isn’t available. Either it isn’t loading at all or you’re getting some kind of error message. If this is the case, there are several other internet addresses that you can use to access the site. We have listed many of these below:

  • www.uwatchfree.tv
  • www.uwatchfree.sx
  • www.uwatchfree.st
  • www.uwatchfree.se
  • www.uwatchfree.ws
  • www.uwatchfree.in
  • www.uwatchfree.com
  • www.uwatchfree.se

Good Bollywood Movie Alternatives to Uwatchfree

bollywood movie alternatives uwatchfree

Whether you’re interested in watching Bollywood movies or the newest released Hollywood flicks translated into Hindi, there is, in our opinion, no better site than u watch free. However, should it be that you can’t find what you’re looking for among the plethora of uwatchfreemovies that are offered or the platform isn’t accessible, there are some good alternatives that you could try. Check out the below list of sites:

  • Filmy4wap
  • Yesmovies
  • Afdah
  • CMovies
  • Putlocker
  • Ymovies
  • Emovies
  • Voot

All of these platforms offer free Bollywood movies just like Uwatchfree. Not all of them have as good of a categorization though and some also require you to create an account with them. Nevertheless, they are indeed solid alternatives.

Getting the Uwatchfree App to Your Mobile Device

uwatchfree mobile app

If you’re looking to frequently stream movies or TV-series from your smartphone or tablet you may want to consider picking up the app that u watch free has developed for Android devices. This can be quite convenient to have.

As far as we know the app isn’t available in the Google play store, but to get it you need to use a download link that can be found in the footer of the uwatchfree website. In other words, at the very bottom of the site. Just click on the link and you will get the uwatchfree apk that is required to install the app.

Is There Any App to iOS Devices?

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad we are not sure if there is an app that you can download. What’s clear is that you can’t use the uwatchfree apk as .apk files are only for Android devices.

We are not iOS users ourselves (shame on us I guess), but from the research we have done it doesn’t seem like the app is available in the app store. You could have a look yourself though.

Laws and Legality – Is Watching Movies at Uwatchfree.com Safe?

As an Indian resident it is 100% legal and completely safe to watch movies at uwatchfree.com. The same can be said about streaming movies in the vast majority of other countries as well.

In recent time there has been a lot of fuss in India about the legality of streaming websites and many have been blocked by internet service providers. Rumors had it that you could face up to three years in jail for downloading or even streaming a pirated movie (which of course these movies that you’re watching online for free at uwatchfree are).

However, an Indian Judge has made it very clear that simply streaming a pirated movie is not a criminal offence and does not carry any form of penalty. Even though you aren’t paying anything and it may be right to consider it an immoral act, you are safe to watch as many movies as you like at uwatchfree.com and similar sites.

You should know though that if you decide to download movies from uwatchfree or any other site (such as using torrents) you are breaking the law. It’s unlikely that you’ll get in trouble for this though as only a very small portion do. However, if you want to be 100% safe you should stick to streaming.3

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